Sunday, September 17

2 Things

The Misfit

Alright, 2 things.

Firstly, my pilot episode is finally out! Head on down to RMITv's website to download it, or just click on
this link.

Secondly, just reading Sam of Sam & The City fame
latest article on the Sydney Morning Herald. Says here, she interviewed a chick who reckons a bloke with a hairdryer is a bad date.

What is she on about? I own a $130 hairdryer, chicks and blokes dig my hair, i get quick access to heat in a cold winter's day, and most importantly, i dry my nether regions with it.

What's not to like about a bloke with a hair-dryer?

Monday, September 11

Re-evaluating My Priorities

The Misfit

After blogging breathlessly for 3 years, i've decided to take a breather and slower, more relaxed approach to Outrageous. Beautiful. Misfit.

At last count my post counter reads 926. That's almost 26 posts a month, or just under a post a day. I made up my mind, a day after purchasing my beautiful new puppy Toby, that something had to give as a puppy is a full time commitment.

Couple that with my extra-curriculum activities in Melbourne, i simply do not have time to maintain a blog that's regularly updated.

Of course, this blog will not be neglected. I'll be blogging less frequently here, and more on Toby's blog and Metroblogging Melbourne, of which i have a responsibility to write for. I reckon snippets of my life are far more interesting from a puppy's point of view; my posts on Metroblogging are also far more readable and less random. It makes for a more palatable way to digest adrock2xander for all readers.

My madcap adventures and manic thoughts will be more condensed in this blog, and i'll slowly phase over to my own domain. Yes, it's something i've been talking about for a long time. But 3 years on Blogger is far too long.

Fasten your seat belts guys, as this blog matures and plods along like a geriatric.

Tuesday, September 5


The Beautiful

I bought a puppy! He's so cool, he even has his own blog!

Toby on chair

Of course, with Outrageous. Beautiful. Misfit. still in the midst of renovation and what with I am Toby being created, i hope readers are patient enough. Don't be complaining about the template! :O

Monday, September 4

Brought To You In Widescreen

The Beautiful

This blog, and along with future MSN conversations, emails and work-related stuff, is brought to you by a 20'1" widescreen monitor.

New PC

Yep, a marvellous brand new computer. Life is good.

Saturday, September 2

Outrageous. Beautiful. Misfit. Spring 2006 Collection

The Beautiful

Fret not. It's still the same adrock2xander. Just a different look.

While mucking around with my template late last night - i always seem to have time for that, i have waayyyyyyyy too much HTML time on my hands - my naughty fingers accidentally deleted my entire set of codes. After a minute or two of stunned horror, i realised it's not all that bad. I've been meaning to have a complete overhaul of my blog anyway; this mistake gives me the perfect opportunity.

With this clean look i can look to start afresh with a proper comments system, a more personable template and just a more reader-friendly blog. A proper comments system means i'm now able to reject inappropriate comments (they're plentiful in this blog) and one has to be a registered member of Blogger to leave a comment. Which means, more interaction, less cloak-and-dagger.

The previous template has been bastardised and operated on so frequently i honestly cannot remember how the original template looked. Gaudy colours i've gotten tired of. Time to go back to basics. White is in.

So while you're reading the posts, which i'll continually update as you've all come to expect, excuse my ugly sidebar.

Friday, September 1

And I Keep Stalking...

The Outrageous

Just a quick note to all my Prof Comm friends in Networked, and to continue my somewhat morbid interest with them. (Insert obligatory Harry remark)

I do spend time reading your blogs. And turns up certain surprises, least of which is how and why the passive but talented Wye Keen has added my blog to his blogroll. Stranger things have happened.

It's interesting, and somewhat fascinating to discover how many of you have never taken to networking through a blog (not, i repeat, NOT myspace). It's an excellent way to brush up on our now rusty journalistic skills, hone your nosy attitude and hey, you get to learn a funky new skill in the form of HTML.

How i'd look if i read another blog about the pains of bloggingThough I think i'd have to shoot myself with a staple gun if i read another friendly blog that's an encapsulation of the week's readings or reflections. If you find me holding my head in my hands (above) in uni one day, you'd know i've read one too many. You're missing the point of having a blog! Some of you furry friends have already developed your own personality. Yay. I like. Talk about how you woke up next to your neighbour's hot son, stark naked. Or like, why you shave your armpits but not your pubes. Maybe discuss the merits of breath mints over chewing gum.

Now THAT'S a blog.

Ok that's taking it a bit too far. I can't see any of you doing that lol.

And NOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo, please do NOT use imageshack as your image server. Take it from someone who's been blogging for 3 years. If you want a dedicated server, sign up for photobucket. It's free, it's amazingly friendly, there's an awesome community in the forums, and you get heaps and heaps of space. Bonus points - they're all yours!

Speaking of myspace, is anyone out there cool enough to withstand the Dark Side? Hell, even yours truly has succumbed to peer pressure and gotten himself one.

Ok i've said it. I've gotten myelf a myspace account. Now all you girls (yes you know who you are lol!), please leave me alone while i wallow in my own pity.

Non-conformist indeed.

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