Monday, September 11

Re-evaluating My Priorities

The Misfit

After blogging breathlessly for 3 years, i've decided to take a breather and slower, more relaxed approach to Outrageous. Beautiful. Misfit.

At last count my post counter reads 926. That's almost 26 posts a month, or just under a post a day. I made up my mind, a day after purchasing my beautiful new puppy Toby, that something had to give as a puppy is a full time commitment.

Couple that with my extra-curriculum activities in Melbourne, i simply do not have time to maintain a blog that's regularly updated.

Of course, this blog will not be neglected. I'll be blogging less frequently here, and more on Toby's blog and Metroblogging Melbourne, of which i have a responsibility to write for. I reckon snippets of my life are far more interesting from a puppy's point of view; my posts on Metroblogging are also far more readable and less random. It makes for a more palatable way to digest adrock2xander for all readers.

My madcap adventures and manic thoughts will be more condensed in this blog, and i'll slowly phase over to my own domain. Yes, it's something i've been talking about for a long time. But 3 years on Blogger is far too long.

Fasten your seat belts guys, as this blog matures and plods along like a geriatric.

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