Sunday, October 26

Im back...ive been doin some thinkin over the last 15 mind isnt workin as well as it does...well shit happens when u havnt slept for over 18 hours...i just told my brain to dream of somethin interestin when i sleep...perhaps a form of inspiration is needed...everythin is fallin apart...

Im wonderin why im sittin on a rattan chair facin a 16-mth old computer on a cold Sunday mornin. The instant coffee nestles comfortably on the marble top table next to me, all cold and foul tastin. I wonder even more why im blabberin some gibberish at a time when im supposed to haul my ass into bed. Thank god for KATT. FM 100.5 Oklahoma Rock station; i feel my sanity's just bout reachin fever pitch with all the madness goin around in my life. I'll just leave this be for the moment; ive several important pressin issues to attend to, one of em being sleep. Im glad ive started this blog - i need an outlet for all my rantings and thoughts. Let's hope this works out fine as my life depends on it.

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