Wednesday, September 26

If this had happened to my wife...

Horror birth

I'd be scarred for a very long time.

According to economicobjectorvism, Sydney's patient-doctor ratio is along the lines of 1700:1. It gets worst as you head out to the coast, with ratios of 5000:1.

That is shocking. This is Australia. A modern, extremely wealthy and resource-rich country. Public hospitals should not be lacking the funding to hire more doctors. While everyone's playing catch up and apologising to the Aboriginals, we do tend to forget about the other 'forgotten' people in Australia - the middle class.

What happened in Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital could have been prevented, and while the genuinely ill or patients with life-threatening symptoms wait in queue for their turn, fucking morons who wana chuck a sickie in the next day beats them to the doctor.

I say hospitals should have two queues - Sickie queue and the Genuinely sick queue.

The modern day Adolf Hitler

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You truly are a fucking idiot Mr Admadinejad.

Saturday, September 15

As Kevin Sheedy would say it...

Was channel surfing free-to-air tele earlier, and caught about 10 seconds of the footy between West Coast Eagles and Collingwood. The commentator commented on how the semi finals (or perhaps footy?) is the greatest sporting spectacle in the world.

More on adrock2xander's latest post in Metroblogging Melbourne.

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