Monday, October 30

Just Another Update - New or Old Template Notwithstanding

Hi guys,

God i hate this new template. It's so ugly and simple. I much prefer the older template from August 2006 before.

Anyway, just to reiterate my point just over a month-and-a-half ago on September 11 (of all dates), i've decided to take a breather on the blogging front. Yes, it appears that i've stopped blogging completely and as my mate Joe Gordon of the Woolamaloo Gazette said in a desperate email sent a week ago in a plea to tempt me to blog again, "Are you in a coma?"

Well, i'm still here am i not? :O

Blogging commands a lot of importance in my life, so i've never truely given it up. I never will. Just that after 3 years of blogging you tend to lose track of the other things in life. And i'll be the first to admit i spend far too many hours in front of the PC.

You can all still find me blogging on
Melbourne Metroblogs; i'm an authorised author of the city blog and though it's nowhere as witty or sarcastic as Outrageous. Beautiful. Misfit. i'm sure many will appreciate a different adrock2xander. And hey, i do live in Melbourne. So find out what i think of the beautiful city.

Also, i have my hands full with my puppy Toby. He has a blog as well - the aptly named
I am Toby - so do visit the site and find out what's going on in my real life.

There're some other developments and projects that i'm working on at the moment. In a nutshell, i've successfully campaigned and was elected editor of RMIT Union student magazine Catalyst for 2007.

I have a new tv program and am working out plans to set up a media company; these are all out in the horizon and should all become clearer over the Australian summer holidays. Right now, i'm just concentrating on my own 'personal effects' such as just having a normal life, sleeping in to 12pm and pigging out on ice cream and marijuana. It'll be an exciting few months to come.

Whether this blog is revived again is another matter. I do appreciate all your friendly comments and questions related to my sudden hiatus; it warms my heart knowing that people still find irreverance, sardonic comments and wit a part of their lives. In this political environment that we live in post 9/11, nobody laughs at themselves anymore.

Well i really am still alive, and you can all find me on MSN ( or email me on the same address. To my Melbourne friends, i'm only a phonecall away :O

Ok i've got a 1.30 appointment with my Playstation 2. Ciao.

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