Wednesday, October 3

"Hello, have you met my boobs?"

With the Spring Carnival just around the corner, everyone's gearing up for another great season of racing. Healthy horses permitting.

While punters have a flutter at the races, fashionistas prefer to put their money on a sure bid. Yes, the annual fixation on the Big F.

Here's hoping flat-chested girls have as much of a chance as Hillary Berry. Berry, the new 'Face of Caulfield', had on herself the most hideous boob dress. Designed by Sydney designer Alex Perr, the dress looked unflattering and uninspired. If anything, Hillary looked like she had Glad-wrapped herself with thrashy garbage bin liner and went to town with it. Her boobs are too squashed, and the shape it completely wrong.

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Above: Hillary Berry, her boobs and designer Alex Perry.

I'm completely opposed to skimpy looking hoe-dresses on race day. Firstly it's not appropriate. Secondly knowing how unreliable the meterologists are in Melbourne and the weather in Melbourne, prancing around like a slut screaming 'Fuck Me' doesn't exactly warm my heart.

Give the dress to a flat-chested girl Alex. Spare Hillary's boobs the blushes. And pain.

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