Saturday, September 2

Outrageous. Beautiful. Misfit. Spring 2006 Collection

The Beautiful

Fret not. It's still the same adrock2xander. Just a different look.

While mucking around with my template late last night - i always seem to have time for that, i have waayyyyyyyy too much HTML time on my hands - my naughty fingers accidentally deleted my entire set of codes. After a minute or two of stunned horror, i realised it's not all that bad. I've been meaning to have a complete overhaul of my blog anyway; this mistake gives me the perfect opportunity.

With this clean look i can look to start afresh with a proper comments system, a more personable template and just a more reader-friendly blog. A proper comments system means i'm now able to reject inappropriate comments (they're plentiful in this blog) and one has to be a registered member of Blogger to leave a comment. Which means, more interaction, less cloak-and-dagger.

The previous template has been bastardised and operated on so frequently i honestly cannot remember how the original template looked. Gaudy colours i've gotten tired of. Time to go back to basics. White is in.

So while you're reading the posts, which i'll continually update as you've all come to expect, excuse my ugly sidebar.

Awwww, the side bar isn't ugly. Hate it when I mess up my codes. I always have to recruit someone to help me find them.
Hi Matt! Props to you, as you're the first to comment on my brand new layout.

Thanks for the encouragement. I only aim to please. :O

Gota say though, with my schedule, it's gona take awhile to have proper template with any semblance of decency.

Codings aren't THAT difficult to sort out. I still struggle with them when some folks comes out with new versions. But a lot of them is pretty much a given.

Blog aside, how're things in San Fran anyway?
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