Sunday, September 17

2 Things

The Misfit

Alright, 2 things.

Firstly, my pilot episode is finally out! Head on down to RMITv's website to download it, or just click on
this link.

Secondly, just reading Sam of Sam & The City fame
latest article on the Sydney Morning Herald. Says here, she interviewed a chick who reckons a bloke with a hairdryer is a bad date.

What is she on about? I own a $130 hairdryer, chicks and blokes dig my hair, i get quick access to heat in a cold winter's day, and most importantly, i dry my nether regions with it.

What's not to like about a bloke with a hair-dryer?

$130 hair dryer??? WTF is it, gold plated??? You vain old poser you! Now we know the truth, you are doing less bloggin because secretly you need more time to primp in front of the mirror while teasing your delicate areas with streams of hot air. You naughty boy.

Seriously, she is a bit fecking weird - first time you have a woman spend the night at your place she goes for a shower next morning while you make some brekkers and what does she always, ALWAYS ask you when she comes out the shower? "Do you have a hairdyer?"

And how does this girl know this anyway? Does she ask a man on her first date with him if he owns a hair dryer? If not then she presumably finds out when waking up at his place next day and wanting to use said appliance after a shower - and is she's doing that it can't have been that bad a date if she staid over with him. Either that or it was a bad date but she is a total skank and just shagged him anyway. Either way the guy isn't going to care by that point is he?
I think a girl gets frightened when her domain (the toilet) is threatened by a bloke who is just as comfortable with hair accessories and body products with his boy toy stuff.

I completely support the rise of the new-found feminism in men, or metrosexuality. Men NEED to understand the need to do their hair, preen themselves, shave and stuff.

On the subject of the hairdryer, nah it's not gold plated haha. My previous one cost me $80. Hairdryers are like a work of art these days. They come in different speeds and heat levels. Mine's the one used in professsional salons, 2 speeds and 4 levels of heat. That means, you get 8 different kinds of settings! And it's a tad bit lighter than my older dryer too, which is the 2002 version.

LOL, what did i say about boy toys? HAHAHAHA...
YOU DRY YOUR PUBES WITH A HAIRDRYER?!?!?!?! dude... you can argue all u want... but thats fucking wierd

Firstly, i dry my NETHER regions. I don't know how folks in the Eastern suburbs call it, but over here in the North, nether regions refer to your private areas. How you think it's my pubes, i don't know.

Ok, seriously, drying your pubes with a hairdryer? LOL!
Mate, you said you were going to ease up on the blogging front, but you seem to have gone into a coma - everything alright? The world needs its Adrock fix, there are so many stupid people needing insulted and I can only do so much...
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