Sunday, March 27

adrock2xander's Top 10 Most Beautiful Women - Part 10

Ok's ya lucky asked...and you shall receive...:O

Hello's been almost 3 months! What have everyone been up to? Ive been so busy! Durin this time ive shifted my home base and flew to Australia...i gota tell ya...Australian women are one fine breed indeed...i daresay ive never tasted anythin quite so the soft flesh of dory fish that melts in ya mouth...yeah...ive been travellin the coasts of Australian samplin fine women...too busy updatin this silly blog...

You know what they say bout
Anthony Bourdain?? Yeah yeah that stupid gay motherfucker who gets paid heaps to sample food and travel the world? I reckon a big TV network should hire me to sample fine young Australian women...yeah...any takers??

A quick scan through my Top 9 Women reveals alot bout me...i like em women almost exclusively brunettes...cute and spunky...

1) Amber Brkich
Katie Holmes
Kate Beckinsale
Megan McCormick
Eliza Dushku
Natalie Portman
Ashley Judd
Winona Ryder
Marisa Tomei

I suppose ive kept all of you in suspense long enough...without further ado...i bring you...the highlight of my list...a declaration of love for a woman and an awfully misunderstood series...

10) Sarah Michelle Gellar

Famous for: Lovelorn and underpaid heroine Buffy Anne Summers in the cult-tv favorite Buffy the Vampire Slayer...gettin sued by McDonald's at the tender age of 3 for flamin the famous arch in a Burger King advertisement...winnin an Emmy for the day time soap All My Children...evil Kathryn Merteuil in Cruel Intentions...gettin married to a dog-face Freddy Prinze Jr (ok im just a very jealous fan)...the face of Maybelline cosmetics..

Face: 8.0
Body: 9.0
Fame: 9.0

Regular readers would know im a huge fan of the Buffy universe...yes yes i know...spare me the flames...i know millions of people out there are screamin 'WTF are you smokin?'...many people out there absolutely loathe Sarah...or SMG as more affectionately known by her fans...due to reasons only known to themselves...

Why do people hate SMG? Let's see...could it possibly be a beautiful blonde cant star in one of TV's best series ever made in history that unfortunately...didnt get more credit than it's worth coz it had a dingbat name? Or a blonde with a weird nose cannot carry such a heavy burden that is Buffy the Vampire Slayer? I swear...if im gona come across another non-Buffy fan who disses the show purely on an aesthetic level...and goes on commentin how men can so enamored by a nearly boobless...absolutely awful actress with a bad nose and scrawny body will get smacked so hard they wouldnt even know what hit them...

Petite and fragile? Surely you dont wana be man-handled by SMG's brown belt in Tae-Kwon-Do wouldnt you...then again if she tackled me with that aggressiveness in bed..........

SMG just screams girl-next-door...her sparklin and affable personality just calls out to you...and to morons who say she's obviously havnt seen Cruel Intentions or I Know What You Did Last Summer...

Her nose is crooked? So what? That nose...strange as it may look...turns me on...nuzzle my guzzle Sarah...

Yes...nuzzle it...*purrs*

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