Sunday, January 9

adrock2xander's Top 10 Most Beautiful Women - Part 9

Hi there everyone! It's been over 5 weeks! How goes the sleaze over the New Year? I sincerely hope all my readers got some hot bedroom action...i know i did :O

But there's only so much i can write bout the illicit things im capable of performin on the for my last 2 women...i'll cut out the raunch...for those who missed my last 8 they are:

1) Amber Brkich
2) Katie Holmes
3) Kate Beckinsale
4) Megan McCormick
5) Eliza Dushku
6) Natalie Portman
7) Ashley Judd
8) Winona Ryder

Ive come to realise that ive a serious penchant for brunettes and dark-blondes...writin bout them is one thing...but unconsciously waxin lyrical bout 8 women...non of whom have blonde another...perhaps my next woman shall be a blonde...we shall see...

Speakin of brunettes...none of them get any better than

9) Marisa Tomei

Famous for: A thoroughly deserved Oscar win in 1992 for My Cousin Vinny...a thoroughly underserved non-win in 2001 for In The Bedroom...appearin in movies that bombed in the 10 years between...flashin her boobs in Slums of Berverly Hill...

Face: 8.5
Body: 8.0
Fame: 8.0

Ok ive somethin to a little biased...Marisa's only here becoz she's an exact carbon copy of my ex-gf 4 years ago...minus the wrinkles of coz :O

The slim Italian brunette is simply ravishin...bambi-like features with porcelain throw in a cute petite nose that's turned up at the end and you have a face that's good enough to eat...mind you ive not even gotten to her body yet...

But this is a new adrock2xander...away with the sleaze i say!

Oh...did i mention she's seriously right up my league coz cute and spunky is a fail-proof way to get me lookin?

That's right know wata do!

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