Sunday, August 13

Argh The Curse!

The Misfit

My good mate in Edinburgh, Scotland
Joe Gordon has passed the Curse of the Internet Questions to a very unsuspecting me. Aren't they supposed to have died a tragic death last year? I thought these questions were meant for 12yo who reckon walking their pet dogs is a viable alternative to glue-sniffing.

Joe, of course, needs no introduction. He's the
first bloke in the European blogosphere to be sued by his company, for all things, blogging.

This curse Joe, has to stop! It's going the way of the dodo, or at least it used to! And now you've brought it back! But it looks fun, so let's get the curse under way!

5 Things In My Freezer

Ehm, i live with 3 roomies, so the fridge is a hodge-podge of stuff we generally whip up for dinner and brekky. Let's see what actually belongs to me.

Just under a kilogram of breaded fish cutlets. I love fish.

A bag of traditional Aussie meat pies.

A large bag of frozen peas.

A large bag of frozen corn. Peas and corn go hand in hand, no?

3 trays of ice cubes. Can't have my Midori and Coke without them.

5 Things In My Car

Who's batty enough to drive a car these days? With
petrol prices beyond the stratosphere, you've gota be earning heaps to drive a car. I take the tram btw. So here's what's always in my bag.

Creative Zen mp3.

Canon A95 camera.

A large 1.5L water bottle.

Nivea Nourishing Care Lotion - gota keep my body moisturised!

A notepad and a pen - you'd never know when a new blog or story idea may hit you.

5 Things In My Purse

A Purse? Joe what kind of questions are these haha. 5 things in my
business card holder are:

An identity card from Singapore. Australians are arguing over the benefits of having one; many countries have had an i.d card for decades. I don't leave home without it.

My ATM card. Money = Power!

A student identity card. Some folks find it hard to believe i'm a student.

My credit card. Money = Power!

A photocopying card. A student can't afford to buy a $95 book these days. Especially when it'll hardly be used throughout the semester. At 7 cents a page, it makes more sense to photocopy what you need.

5 Things In My Closet

Who makes these questions Joe? LOL. I don't have many skeletons to hide ya know.

Clothes - My clothes come in every hue and colour. Mixing and matching is fun!

Accessories - No one can accessorise better than i do. I put Gianni Versace to shame. After all, i can't think of anyone else who uses a female scarf as a belt.

Undergarments - I need more underwear and boxers. I have this habit of losing them.

Shoes - No where to go, they're placed neatly alongside my clothes.

Cologne - I collect scents. Miniatures and large bottles alike. My favourite scents are Bulgari's BLV and Chanel Egoiste Platinum.

Ok, enough of dissecting my life! The curse ends here! :O

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