Tuesday, April 11

Active, Not Retroactive.

The Misfit

I've become a rather active member of RMIT Student Union's Catalyst magazine, contributing not 1, not 2 but 3 articles for the April issue. I've been wanting to get involved with Catalyst in the First year, but when you're new to a country and are still acclimatising to the surroundings, writing for a magazine takes a back seat.

Apparently my repertoire of skills doesn't involve just writing. I'm somehow found an uncanny ability to plagiarize...my own articles. LOL.

Looking at my blog several weeks ago, i realised i have heaps and heaps of substantial and rather good material i could submit to Catalyst. Afterall you don't blog for 2.5 years and have nothing to show no? I knew they'd come in useful somehow lol.

I've submitted my very controversial '
I Hate Fat People' post as the first article. The timing is apt, as April's theme is comedy, in conjunction with the Melbourne's Comedy Festival. Given that 90% of my blog entries are written in jest (offending 90% of the readers - says a lot about the world's maturity), i reckon my entire blog could be published on Catalyst lol.

The second article is a more condensed, less vulgar and grammatically correct version of another controversial post made in 2004. Titled 'Sex with David Beckham', you can find the original post

Looking at that post, i counted too many spelling and grammar mistakes that'd put a child to a pedestal. You can find the new version in the next post.

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