Monday, July 31

Powa To Da Random!

The Beautiful

How many songs do you have in your mp3 player?

In my usual swashbuckling anti-conformist style, i've bucked the trend and went ahead to buy a Creative Zen Touch just about 2 years ago. Fuck Apple.
Fuck iPods.

But i digress.

My little baby packs a powerful 20GB punch of memory, so i tend to over-indulge and chuck my entire CD collection into the device. Thing is, you lose track of what music you have after awhile.

My Zen Touch has only 6GB worth of songs right now. That's 1216 tracks or 98 albums. That's a shit load of tracks. Too many tracks if you ask me. So much so i had no idea i had some gems in my collection.

I'm a huge dance music afficionado. 70% of my music is uptempo, dancefloor killers. It starts my day and it ends my day. More often than not, when you chance upon me in Melbourne with my oversized silver headphones, it's dance music i'm listening to.

I got bored of my usual listening habit of listening to full albums this morning. Sitting at the tram stop on my way to work at 7am, i decided to fiddle around with the Random button just to spice up my trip.

To my amazement, i 'dug' up nuggets of music brilliance. Tracks i never even knew existed. Perhaps i simply wasn't paying enough attention to my compilations.

A random press, and it's an uplifting vocal trance number by Armin van Buuren. Several minutes later, it's a dark house floor-filler by Danny Howells. And just several minutes ago - 17 hours into my Random experiment - an awesome white knuckle rush by Dave Seaman.

Gota respect the Random button!

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