Wednesday, April 26

The Day The Fridge Stood Still

The Misfit

I came home this evening with a bagful of groceries to find a lifeless refridgerator.

The ice cubes have completely melted, the ice cream had turned to mush, the frozen peas and corn were defrosted, the chocolate milk was smelling weird and the condiments weren't ice cold. I had to throw the raw chicken and beef out, and depending on how quick a new fridge arrives tomorrow evening, i may even have to throw out the frozen fish fingers and sausage rolls.

Hell even the cold face packs that i conveniently store in the freezer is chilling (pardon the pun) at room temperature. How am i to pamper my face now?

I'm livid.

Good money spent on fresh produce is wasted. Not only do i have no where to place the groceries, i've to fork out more money for a new fridge. A quick check on prices across Melbourne doesn't bode well for
my wallet.

If it wasn't an expensive week as it is, Telly bit through our apartment fly-trap, leaving a trail of destruction in the balconey and an expensive replacement beckons.

I really wana hit something now.

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