Monday, November 21

Slinky - The Aftermath

Slinky @ QBH is barely 2 days old and im already famous...

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What a night...i stumbled out of QBH at 5.30am havin burnt more calories than an intensive workout...Picotto's set was simply makes up for the terrible night in Singapore 2 years ago where Picotto played his cards wrong and decided to compete against van Buuren and played to an almost empty dance floor...too bad Marco V and Benjamin Bate werent up to scratch...the local DJs were heaps better in the upper levels...DJ Julez caught my eye...

More pictures of that night can be found in the
Ellway galleries (click on Slinky)...and in a couple of the Melbourne page of

Im gunnin for Summerdayze on New Year's...and possibly Pacha on the very same night...who's up for it? :)

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