Friday, April 15

Letter to Joe Gordon
adrock2xander is 2 months 16 days without a cigarette.

Dearest Joe,

Joe the Movie Star

how are you old friend? Hope the weather up in Edinburgh isnt tamin you...i suspect you wouldnt like my new city Melbourne too much...the weather's dreary as hell...all gray and overcast 24/'s bloody unpredictable moment it's sunny...the next it's rainin frogs men cats and dogs...

Hey guess what?! Ive a bloody presentation tomorrow mornin on News and Current Affairs...and wadya know i thought a presentation on ya predicament several months' back would be most appropriate...i thought i could use some of my material on the
championin of free speech post some months back...true it isnt 'current'...but hey it's still news...BBC and news networks worldwide couldnt have done a better job aye...

Besides...your website could do with more hits...i get several thousands a day...what's a few more?

Bloggers Unite!


P.S: Psssss Joe...toss some of them readers over here will ya...just coz i wasnt fired doesnt mean i dont deserve some decent papparazzi coverage...

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