Tuesday, August 31

Just a 'lil note...

Perhaps...one of the advantages of havin a blog that's written by humorist and lifestyle critique John Ng Xander with an aptly named blog of "Outrageous. Beautiful. Misfit." is the unwritten disclaimer and understandin that the ideas and thoughts expressed herein are a product of the his unique way of processin reality and fiction....that...and his reputation of never been taken seriously for whatever he says or does (for reasons that's lost to him strangely)...comes across as the best gift in the world...or the biggest joke on this side of the Pacific...like a glitterin double-edged sword...i wish to profess the followin...to my lovin audience...please repeat after me...

"Anger is misdirected passion."

If that line is lost on you readers...then i must have sadly failed to process my neurons into palatable words over the last 11 months...

May I remind you that when I post about...ehm...say how much i dig wearin female lingerie...that doesnt mean that Im a freakin closet transvestite or prefer sex in a different manner! Really...one needs a sense of irony and metaphor to be able to deduce anything factual from the assorted inanities i dish out on a daily basis...what ever happened to writin as a form of vicarious experience or artistic license for that matter?

Oh well...this is not blog utopia and therefore anythin i write is always open to interpretation...misconstruction and deconstruction...that is what the glorified feedback/commenter system is in place for anyway.

Now say it or forever hold your peace.

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