Thursday, August 10

You Say Tomato, I Say Tomato

The Beautiful

How do you say the word fillet?

If you're from the extreme British/Australian train of thought, you pronounce the word the way it is spelt - 'fir-lert'.

I just can't say 'fir-lert'. It sounds so much more right to say 'fir-lay' - the American version sounds so proper. Then again,you can't blame me as i've never EVER heard anyone say 'fir-lert' in Asia either.

I got into this conversation with Victoria last week. An Australian Anglo-Saxon through and through, Victoria was so amused and couldn't fathom how anyone could say 'fir-lay'. So much so she couldn't stop laughing during our live recording of the RMITv Uplate Program.

Firlay-ol-Fish at McDonald's. That sounds so fucking right. Man how could you ever destroy the word and say 'fir-lert'? Firlert-ol-Fish? Someone say omg...

How do you say fillet?

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