Thursday, August 24

Why I Love Melbourne

The Misfit


I come from a city that claims to be 'multicultural'. I used to believe in that hogwash as where else can you find a mix of Malays, Indians and Chinese living harmoniously with one another.

Then i arrived in Melbourne, made friends with the wonderful folks here, and had a change of heart. And a whole new opinion and mindset.

No disrespect to other metropolitan cities, but i can't think of anywhere in the world where you find yourself sitting next people of Hungarian, Macedonian or Colombian background.

Or become good friends with Polish, Sri Lankan or German heritage.

How about enjoying some excellent Bulgarian hospitality, tasty Greek delicacies, Italian cuisine or French fare?

I can drive my Australian car to a shop to buy a Chinese-made refrigerator, a Japanese-made television or make a detour to an Indian spice shop or a Vietnamese milk bar.

Perhaps sip coffee with Jews, snack on fast food with a Romanian, go shopping with a Moroccan or talk about politics with an Iranian?

And of course, the huge number of Anglo Saxons too!

They're all lovely, and this is what makes Melbourne a wonderful city. Call it multicultural or multitolerance, we're all immigrants who left our countries for a better life.

I love Melbourne, do you?

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