Wednesday, August 23

In Metroblogging Melbourne: Conversations with a cab driver

The Misfit



It's Friday night. I stepped out from the warm interior of
Shoya restaurant into the cool, wintry air. Melbourne sits on the cusp of winter and spring, but it's still a tad bit chilly. I pulled my jacket closer to my body, and conscious of my Yebisu breath, i poppsed an Eclipse mint into my mouth.

Melbourne CBD changes on Friday nights. The working crowd, starved of fun and excitement in the week, walk around the narrow streets, talking loudly and happily. On occassions, you get the odd karaoke fanatic and reckons getting an old shoe thrown at them is an attractive proposition, as they burst into their rendition of *insert song here*.

Anxious to get home, i flagged a cab. Something i shouldn't have done, as the cab driver got me laughing so hard, it was almost a crime not to shed tears.

How to laugh really hard in a cab

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