Tuesday, August 8

I'm So Weak

The Misfit

I've lost 4kg in the last 5 days.

No, i havn't been purging my food. I am not a bullimic or an anorexic. I've been afflicted with the WORST food poisoning and diarrhoea. Ever.

When your shit follows through your farts twice in as many days, you know you stomach's t3h fucked.

The amount of fluids i've lost could have watered a small garden. Eating and drinking has been reduced to tiny morsels of dry bread and jam.

To top that, i've been working flat out for the last week at the hotel, waking up at 5am in the morning. I need the money. Such is the reality of life.

I'm so sick and frail, even a gentle breeze will topple me over.

I'm just glad i've an off day tomorrow. I honestly need to rest.

Now excuse me while i replenish my lost fluids.

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