Thursday, August 24

I Get Nosy With Networked Media Blogs

The Misfit

Many people have asked me why i did not choose Networked Media as a subject. I've been blogging and dabbling with HTML for almost 3 years now; studying Networked would have been a given and scoring a Higher Distinction would have been easy.

I disagree. Having a knowledge of HTML and interest in blogging is one thing, but blogging about your lectures and readings is another. I believe one of my greatest strengths is to make something out of nothing; i can make a trip to the milk bar seem like the sexiest journey ever or embellish bullshit to the point of complete unreadability. However, I can't for the life of me blog about a Bruce Mau reading, the beginnings of HTML or why Fugu is a bloody bitch of a program. Also, i highly disagree with Macintosh's accessibility. It has compatibility issues with PCs; for every smooth OS or gimmick that a Mac possesses, it can never truly replace the ubiquitous PC.

There's another reasons why i've chosen not to do Networked Media. My closest pals in Professional Communication would know why. For obvious reasons i cannot state what (or who) is. And for this reason alone, i decided to study Broadcasting instead.

You can learn a lot about the Media and Professional Communication (Networked) students from their blogs. A curious thing about the nature of the Prof Comm structure is we're so bloody scattered; sharing a lecture and tutorial with first year newbies does feel like a throw back to the days when your mom still changed your diapers. It's great to see my mates on their blogs and find out what's going on in their lives.

So what have i discovered so far? Apparently, a lot! As you can see, i had problems finding where my Prof Comm friends were. They're only apparent after i found Nicola.

Monica's blog is an online representation of her - diligent, no fuss and comprehensive. Talk about scary! Her shout out to my blog scores brownie points with me too! (Thanks Mon!)

Ziba likes her fashion! Like i couldn't tell! :O

I've gotten to know
Alexandra a tad bit this semester. This blog betrays what she really is, that is, an interesting and opinionated girl! Go Macedonia!

I personally don't know
Ash, but how can you not spot a girl with funky pink highlights in her hair sitting in class? You can almost sense her pride when she finally figured out how to put an image up on the server.

Justine usually comes to uni dressed like she just got out of bed, but woah she's a party animal! Or was that a ploy to show everyone that she has heaps of blonde friends? And she likes her soccer too. Which is damn cool.

Caity writes like an absolute weirdo in her blog. Nah just kidding, you really don't.

Sandra's blog makes for easy reading. As she has absolutely nothing on it. 3 posts? Cmon

Latch is weird. Quite weird indeed.

Harry is gay. As usual. PS: dude when're you getting on Starcraft man? GOGOGO Zealot rush!

Jen's blog requires a pair of binoculars to read for users with a default 'smaller' font. Once the size has been rectified, it's a really interesting read.

Matt loves himself. And his blog. Go statcounter.

Stare at
Sean's background for too long, and you may just cross-eyed.

Fraser's asking for a pinch on his buttocks what with putting my full name on his blog roll. But hey i'm on his blog. Cool. PS: any response from Mr Jolly yet Frase? And change my name! It's ugly!

Siobhan's favourite color has to be green.

Nicola loves her grandmother. To bits. Oh and your sidebar isn't correctly aligned Nic. Or is it just me?

I'm still trying to find out who
Corporate Honey is.

Gabrielle likes flowers.

I love you
Sophie :O

Jenika's been blogging many entries. Far more than many others. Where's the fire Jen lol. Why the rush?

Greta, too pink! And half your images don't work. Meh.

Samantha likes fairy floss and kitties. Oh wait, we already knew that :O Eh, your sidebar's not aligned Sam.

Who have i left out?

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