Thursday, July 13

Natalie Outbares Herself

The Beautiful

Natalie's bald pate! As hot Jewish girls come and go, Natalie Portman rears hers beautiful head when
she strips for the camera. Again.

Of course,
Closer did not warrant a completely nude Natalie. The final cut was passed without a nude Natalie in it. But this time it seems Natalie's hell bent on exposing not just her beauteous head (left), but also her even more beautiful body.

I don't care what the movie's about. I don't care what kind of torture she's subjected to. I don't care if she's into S&M. I've got front row tickets on opening day. Anything for Natalie's supple tits, lithe body and hairy bush.

Sheesh. The thought of watching a nude Natalie in the comfort of a cinema with horny men salivating all around me; you know what i think i'm gona have to pass on the front row bit. I'll buy the DVD instead and have Natalie all to myself.

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