Wednesday, July 26

Hard Being An Asian

The Outrageous

It's hard being an Asian in Melbourne.

It don't matter how you dress or how you talk, people here always assume an Asian is in Melbourne for educational purposes.

I'm hardly the shabbiest dresser around. Most university students are as they're poor and can't afford to buy clothes. I've got 9 years on them. Which explains my wardrobe.

So why do nice, old ladies in the bank, the pimply-teen working in the op shop and the educated gentleman with a $80,000 annual salary always ask if i'm a student when quizzed on my profession? It's proof that the people here do not judge Asians on their dressing. They look at the face. How shallow.

What's worst, is they immediately assume an Asian's partner is a student too. What're they implying? That students can't date white or blue collar workers? It's extremely offensive and rude. And these are the ones who stare when you walk down Bourke Street with a pretty non-Asian girlfriend.

Talk about double-standards.

I'm not denying i'm a student. What bugs me is, there're several hundred thousand Asians who're born and bred in Melbourne. They speak in the same affectionate Aussie accent, consume the same products as everyone else and vote for the same folks in the government. Are they immediately pegged as foreign students too?

And they're always Anglos. Even the Australian Asians and Wogs are civil enough.

Asians are still seen as outsiders. I'd like to remind the the Anglos that they're outsiders themselves.

'Anglos flew here, they didn't grow here' - someone should have thrown this at the Anglos in the Cronulla riots last year.

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