Monday, June 5

When adrock2xander Feels Under The Weather

The Misfit

In our busy lives, we learn to organise our schedules around daily activities be it work, school or commuting.
I learnt it the hard way this morning.

Waking up at 6.30am, i was bathed in sweat and shivering. The heater has been on the entire night so it made no sense. Then it hit me - something was fast approacthing my throat from my guts and i had to throw it out.

I ran to the bathroom and must have thrown out a liter of fluids, last night's dinner and stomach acids.

I felt my forehead; i was burning up.

Any layman would tell you to pop 2 paracetemols, drink lots of warm fluids and get heaps of rest. I had however, an appointment with a lecturer at 10.30am and the camera + tripod to return.

So there i was, walking in 5 degrees cold, with camera gear, shivering, dehydrated, weak and nauseous. It was the worst physical experience this year. I'd have given anything make the pain go away.

I got home at 12pm, on the verge of collapse.

5 minutes later, i'm in bed.

It's almost 7pm now. My first meal of the day? Mushroom soup with some bread. I'm having trouble swallowing it.

Oh my aching body.

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