Wednesday, June 14

Unreal Tournament

The Misfit

With a dying whimper, Semester One ends.

After all the hustle and bustle of the last three weeks, the tranquility and lack of action is almost, unreal.

It ended almost as quickly as it hit us. I stepped out of Seth Keen's office wondering if i've satisfied his interview assessment. And then, a beat.

"That's it?" I ask myself.

It sure is. A boring tram ride home ensued. I dozed off on the tram and got off at my usual stop. A slight detour to the pet shop today; i've been so busy these weeks i barely had time to check up on the rabbits, puppies and kitties.

Dinner was tasty, but eaten with silence. I felt like i was eating in a morgue. Something's just missing. Oh yes, no deadlines.

The holidays ensue; a regular job with a regular pay. Travelling perhaps. Time to obtain my drivers. Time for self-refletion.

Oh how unreal it is.

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