Friday, June 2

To My Prof Comm Mates

The Misfit

Hello beauteous ladies and scrumptious-looking men,

in light of the deadlines, here's a little amuse-me email from your resident Asian redneck. Sit back and have a laugh. And i promise, nothing inflammatory here. *peeved grin*

As some of you may already NOT know, the PR folks have organised a Communications Cocktail Night and are actively (sometimes desperately) selling tickets.

I'm really impressed with the PR folks - not so much for their public speaking skills (ha!) but for their ability to organise regular activities for PR and to a lesser extent, the rest of Building 6 folks to mingle.

Which strikes me as strange. How are Prof Comm students not as cool as PR students? We are the jack of all trades, surely we can stake a claim as to being cooler than them no? So how is it that Prof Comm students don't hang out at all? Such is the bane of our lives that the existence of friendship in RMIT does not exist? Haha...

Take a look around us. The PR folks have ASPRA (that's Australian Students Public Relations Assoc. for the uninformed) - they've been partying as a group for as long as we know. The Journalism students have their pub crawl and trivia nights - which are fun. The Media (2nd year onwards) students communicate regularly on their blogs and are a very tight knit bunch. The Prof Comm students attend lectures in a zombie-like manner, line up in single file, wave bye after a lecture and return to their cocoons for hibernation.

Yessssss....surely Prof Comm students can't be the social rejects that we're making ourselves to be?!

Prof Comm has a underlying problem - students are geared to major in their own interests after 2nd year and see less of other prof commies as the semesters go by. Which is sad, as from what i've seen, this year 2 batch has every ingredient a soap opera needs.

We have the deviants, the social rejects, the fashionistas, the trumpets, the coat tail riders, the reclusives, the absentees...i believe there's space for normal ones in there but last i checked there were none lol.

Let's see what we can do next semester, or even this holidays. We spend 3 years together pursuing a degree, the least we can do is get to know each other. Who knows what our paths may lead to in the future? What's one more friend to know? =O

Not a sale tactic, but if anyone's interested in the cocktail night, it's on wed 7th June in Perseverance Hotel, 196 Brunswick St, North Fitzroy. Get there at 8pm. It's $10/tix and you get bar tab and drink specials. Did i mention live jazz too?

Head on down, let your hair down for abit and congratulate ourselves for a job well done this semester. Of coz WMT and EMT aren't due yet, but who's counting?

Anyway, here's to a great holidays. Safe sex, don't drink and drive and remember to vote for Pedro.

Most tenderly,
John 'i love cheeseburgers' Ng

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