Tuesday, June 27

So Near, Yet So Far

The Outrageous

Socceroo fans will never forget this moment - the sorry sight of the innocent Lucas Neill protesting against a last minute penalty-winning goal and Fabio Grosso digging for his speech for his Best Actor award with his face. He looks almost like he's sniffing for truffles. Then again, a diver deserves to be a pig.

But oh well, it was in the writing. 40 minutes with an extra man to play with, and Gianluigi Buffon wasn't even tested. Australia simply didn't have the killer instinct.

Let's see how long the Australians' interest in soccer will last. With the Australian football season resuming this weekend after 2 weeks hiatus, i'd say - no chance.

Final Verdict:

Australians and their stupid sport no one else around the world cares about - 1
The World Game - 0

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