Tuesday, June 6

Another Mail To The Students

The Outrageous

Hello it's The Devil here,

it sure is hot in Hell. The weather could use some cooling, the hot chicks could do with some simmering and i can never get martini on the rocks.

Anyway, i've been out today. Once a millenium, on the 6 of the 6 on the 6, Hell releases me from my black gates duties and give me free rein. So what do i do? Go on a holiday! In RMIT Building 6 no less!

I'm hoping the pranks i played today were worth the distress. Lack of paper? Check. Lack of time? Check. John almost screwing up Alana's and Sandra's video file? Check.

How about that blasted email about the deletion of files on your hard drives? You guys liked that? I absolutely loved it. It was so funny to see everyone trying to beat the 5pm deadline, only to realise your precious works and files are still on the system at 8pm. You humans are so pathetic. So gullible and stupid. Next time try raising a pet rock.

But i feel bad. I may be the Devil, but i'm not a meanie. To quote one of your human friends Fraser, this 'Information Holocaust' was a good, twisted joke that was played too far. I sincerely apologise for any missed shifts, frayed tempers or skipped meals.

Your humble Devil,
The Devil.

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