Sunday, June 25

adrock2xander, Metroblogging-Style

The Beautiful

Imagine writing for an international blog you've been reading for many months, that'd be swell wouldn't it? Well it just happens I've been recruited as an author for Melbourne Metroblogging.

Metroblogging is an online media project founded and owned by Sean Bonner and Jason DeFillippo that has its humble roots in Los Angeles.

The project has gotten so popular it has expanded to almost 50 cities worldwide in just under 3 years, spanning four continents and is the largest and fastest growing network of city-specific blogs on the Web.

I'm hoping to use Melboure Metroblogging as another source of valuable writing experience, to widen my professional blogging circle and to promote individuality and speaking up for oneself.

Do visit the site regularly for Melbourne-specific entries by several authors who love Melbourne more than their partners, dogs or food. I'd also encourage all of you to check out other cities around the world. Some wonderful Metroblogs from your favourite cities are written by the most eclectic bunch of folks. Check out
Paris, Vienna, Istanbul and where it all began, the City of Angels.

Check out my first post here.

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