Wednesday, May 24

X-Men 3

The Outrageous

I'm questioning why the latest X-Men:

- isn't about the Dark Phoenix saga

- doesn't have Gambit

- has a skinny Beast

- still portrays Rogue 5 years too young

- still puts Magneto through all the trouble of wearing an upturned-bucket

- has a pre-Apocalypse Angel

- (Harry quoted this - LOL) "And Beast is also Frasier"

Yes. Why?

Feeling cheated with the characterisation of the latest Marvel flick, i decided to take quick peek at for the
full credits of X-Men 3.

I almost died. Everyone in Marvel should shoot themselves in the head.

I'm now questioning why the latest X-Men:

- still gives so much screentime to Mystique, who is at best, a secondary character in the comics

- has Pyro but no Gambit. Again. WTF PYRO? That lame Brotherhood of Evil Mutants outcast!!!

- lists Colossus below Kitty Pryde i.e Shadowcat. Colussus has so much more leverage in the comics. Not that phasing through solid objects aren't cool, but how dare they leave Colossus to the most miniscule of roles?

- Multiple Man!!! ROFL...i can barely remember him as Moira MacTaggert's assistant

- Siryn and Leech!? They're including far too many characters into the plot

- Kid Omega? OMG i had to google this fella. Too vague.

- Psylocke, right at the bottom of the credits. This director doesn't know his X-Men from his nuts. One of the coolest characters, reserved to die in a peripheral role

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