Tuesday, May 2

Seth Keen Fights Back

The Outrageous

My lecturer, Seth Keen, has replied to my get well card with a response that left me stunned. Completely stunned. As the email contains privileged and confidential information
, i'm not allowed to reproduce his response on the blog.

Fair enough, the get well card is laced with black humour, as is my entire blog. I do not aim to write to please through saccharine sweet posts with flowers and lollies, those blogs are for 18yo virgin girls.

I've had threats, police and legal action hurled at my face before, but this blog still stands. I stand by my beliefs that humour and crass irreverance is the only way to take on this twisted world.

I'm extremely saddened that Seth views my card as an attempt to belittle him. Surely, he does not read my blog and i can't expect him to know the way i write. I just expected more from him.

Seth is an established lecturer with a proud teaching and working portfolio, i can't fault that. Surely no one who has worked this hard wants to be called anything less than a *insert inflammatory term here*? But why read so much into it? It's obvious it's a funny post and everyone i've polled enjoyed it.

I understand that it's a case of defamation. (perhaps?) But am i not protected by free speech here in Australia? I have no desire to remove the blog post as it was written with good intentions. I've had a good lecturer-student relationship with Seth so far, and have no wish for it to detoriate due to this matter.

The Melbourne Comedy Festival is going on as i speak. I've attended and watched several of the performances. Similar to any stand up comedians in the U.S, George Bush, John Howard or any important dignitaries always cop the biggest laughters.

I've heard David Letterman call George Bush all sorts of names, and he's still working in CBS week in, week out with nary a trace of legal action taken against him.

I'll be taking this case up to the relevant people in RMIT. Some kind of advice and action has to be taken on someone's part. Sure all i've to do is remove the post and it's 'no worries, mate'. But there's a higher principle here, and that's self-expression and not taking things too seriously.

I will only remove the post after the relevant advice has been given. After all i'm not here to cause trouble. I have no wish to harm Seth's reputation nor damage my burgeoning portfolio in Melbourne. All i seek is a fair judgement.

I didn't leave Singapore to come to another country where freedom of speech, expression and the ability to laugh is also frowned upon.

Perhaps Australia is different from U.S with reference to free speech, but that's not the point. My point is, can't people laugh at themselves no more?

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