Monday, May 8

Professional Comms RMIT: The Rumour Mill

The Outrageous

It's not apparent yet, but romance is in the air.

Of coz, only your resident busybody adrock2xander was privy to this information early this evening.

Someone is attracted to a blonde in the 2007 class. And had the guts to write this sweet and somewhat morbid note to the blonde:

"I have quite a strong affinity for blondes like Alfred Hitchcock, and like him, i share the same body type. If i were perhaps in better shape and more knowledgeable, i would have the confidence to attempt a relationship with you.

Please don't be startled, i wouldn't embarrass you like that and you deserve a partner that matches your ideal image of a man. However, you're an interesting subject and you've motivated me to be a better person.

Thank you"

I'll leave it at that and let y'all figure out what's going on. I won't say a word =)

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