Tuesday, May 23

M Is For Money. B Is For Broke. A Is For Angry.

The Misfit

You see, i'm not exactly the richest foreign student around.

Public Australian opinion has us foreign students pegged as rich farts whose parents shelled out loose change for their precious children to fly thousands of miles to study.

Admittedly, there're a large number of foreign students, mostly of East Asian extract, who live in excess of A$3000/mth. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. I personally know of many East Asian friends from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia who roll their joints in a $20 note and smoke them. Yeah that's how filthy rich they are. They need not work, need not fret, and need not worry about life's trivial pursuits. They've got their flash cars, their Asian friends to hang around with and their club nights in Amber Lounge.

But i digress. This isn't an anti-Asian post. (What? I love Asians! Wadya talking about? I'm like, fucking love them!)

I'm just really upset at my bank balance. A quick peek into my account this morning revealed i've been slowly constricted by a public bank i use frequently. Perhaps due to my negligence, i've been charged $60 for debit credits in the last 2 months.

$60. That's what i spend in a week. That's how fucking poor i am. That's how upset i am. The oligarchy has sucked the essence out of my pockets. Those rich farts do not need more money from me. There're richer foreign students out there.

Money that has to be spent, will be spent. But what can we regular consumers do when fees are raised to alarming levels? What? Take it to the streets? Melbourne's angry as it is. Anti-Howard. Anti-War. Anti-Meat. Anti-Import. Anti-Singapore. Why ruffle the big bird's feathers? He's got enough on his platter.

It's hard for a poor foreign student sometimes. 7 days in a week. 4 days of classes. Somehow you've to throw in at least a full day of work to save for rent. Which leaves you with nothing left. I turn to my piggy bank, flip it over and shake it. A paltry few dollars fall into my lap.

"Yeah let's take my date out for dinner!" i think.

I'm angry and i feel like bitching about money affairs. But granted this is the final weeks leading up to the end of the semester, which means, deadlines. So, to save myself more trauma than i'm already due, i'll stop.

But before that, a let out.


ps: adrock2xander really isn't that poor. He's from your average middle-class family. He does however, work twice a week and cooks whenever he can. Eating out = $$. He indulges in some video games or nice clothes once a month and wonders why some East Asians have it so good. Then he realises, they don't speak English. "Fair trade", he reckons.

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