Sunday, May 28

Louis Vuitton - Fashion Disaster

The Outrageous

At 3.43am this morning, all Professional Communication students were inundated with what was the most peculiar of emails.

The contents of this email were possibly the most horrifying i've ever seen in many years. Nothing has ever prepared me for this. No amount of smelling salts will knock the sense back into me.

I give you, a potential fashion disaster in our program:

"Hi there, got the following bags for sale:

Louis Vuitton Denim Theda Bag (pics via email!)
Louis Vuitton Cerises (Cherry) Theda Bag (pics via email!)
Louis Vuitton 2005 green shoulderbag with gold monogram + matching make up case.
Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette bag

All items going cheeaaap!!! Clearing my closet & need the cash."

Honey, i know it's all hunky dory with designer goods; i like them designer brands too. But coming from where i'm from - the oldest Professional Communication student across all 3 years i'd say - would you believe me when i say LV goods are for rich mistresses with too many cocktail functions to attend and too many functions to gatecrash? I've been around the block far too many times to see fashion disasters fall prey to public adrock2xander's opinion, in this case, you (whoever you are).

I know you're not rich, coz you 'need the cash'. LV-toting folks NEVER need the cash. Cash needs them.

I suggest you need a complete revamp of your wardrobe. I'm having you pegged as an early 20s loafer with no sartorial know-how. Come up to me in uni and beg for my advice. I'll slap you two times over with a large trout and consider taking you under my tutelage. Anyone who wears LV at this age will die at 40 single, lonely and touching herself to sleep every night.

Please, stop embarrassing yourself. No one's envious of your LV products. Everyone's laughing at you.

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