Wednesday, May 31

Kew Down, It's Just Sex

The Outrageous

A huge furore over an advertising billboard has erupted in the prestigious inner eastern Melbourne suburb of Kew.

My opinion? What's the big fuss all about anyway?

Condoms are 'tastefully' positioned at checkouts to remind customers to wear their Trojans. Companies spend million of dollars reminding women to keep their vaginas in decent and sanitary conditions. Sex for hire ads are 'discreetly' located at the back end of magazines.

Let's face it. Sex, or the art of reminding you of it, is everywhere.

There's nothing we can do to stop it or lessen the impact. Everybody needs to have sex, sex is beautiful. If people can't even laugh at a tastefully done sex ad no more, how are they able to laugh at themselves when they come in 3 minutes?

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