Saturday, May 27

Hot Water, That's All I Want

The Misfit

Dearest TXU, your reputation as Australia's gas and electricity supplier must precede you at times. You get so big headed from your swelling coffers you barely have time to tend to lesser issues no?

At the time of writing, i've just stepped out of an icy cold shower in the middle of an arctic Autumn chill. It's 11 degrees celcius now.

"Why is this dipshit showering with icy cold water anyway?" you may wonder.

Well, if you are fucking paying attention to your heaters in a northern suburb, you'll find that the heater breaks down every 2 days. I'm paying $100 a month on electricity and gas bills and expect the basic necessities from you. I'm not even asking for a fucking stuffed koala bear every Christmas. All i ask for is hot running water everyday. I risk pneumonia showering with cold water. It's fucking autumn. Temperatures are hovering at 10-14 degrees everyday. Does the idea of dousing yourself in cold water sound appealing to you? Does it?


Good job there TXU. Gas and electricity supplier my ass.
Suck my fucking Asian cock.

Very very angry customer,

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