Monday, May 29

Final Nail In Footy's Coffin

The Beautiful

Perhaps Australians should wake up from the dream that is their idea of 'football'; if they can't take a hint from me they
ought to take it from the Socceroos coach Guus Hiddink.

"I think [soccer] in Australia has become so big now, although you try all kinds of sports with another-shaped object. I don't really know what it is, and you do something like that," he said, grimacing and making a handball gesture.

"The real game is growing and growing, all the world is playing this game and it will be the biggest game here as well, despite the other games you try and invent."

Good one Guus. Best quote ever. Australians need to open their bloody eyes and stop insulating themselves from their 'football'. Pah.

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