Friday, May 12

adrock2xander via Quicktime

The Misfit

Here's a little sampler from my host position in Tehw00t Show.

The video's still in its early stages, but given it's a video game show, the clip would have my health meter and power-up bar attached to the side. I'm asking the tech team to throw in more stuff, like ecumbrance, inventory and funky RPG stuff. Imagine adrock2xander brandishing a mean looking broadsword, throwing ice daggers at trolls. Wahahaha.

And no i didn't need a wardrobe to look the part of a geek. That's what i wore from home. Once a geek, always a geek.

My first internet video sampler - haha i still laugh when i look at it. My parody of a geek looks really silly. I reckon i make geeks look even geekier. =)

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