Saturday, April 29

Today's Specials: Microwaveable Food
Day Three without a refridgerator at home.

The Misfit

I'm am seriously questioning my dietary and nutritional needs right now.

For the past three days, i have eaten nothing but:

1) Frozen meat pies (Four N Twenty pies thanks!)
2) Frozen sausage rolls
3) Frozen pasties
4) Tim Tams
5) Pizza
6) Breakfast cereal sans milk
7) Takeaway fast food ala Golden Arches (read: McDonald's and the likes)

There's a common theme here. All of them require little or no maintenance and are easily prepared. Just pop them into the microwave or oven and voila - fast food.

I don't think i've eaten any decent vegetables for awhile now. Just last night i found myself having difficulties defecating. Constipation does take the mickey out of your ass. A distinct lack of fibre seems to be the least of my problems though.

I'm lacking in energy; lethargy is the word. In fact, i'm so weak, i can't even muster enough energy to hit the gym. And this is coming from a bloke who hits the gym twice a week. Too little disposable energy, too much fat content.

I'm praying so hard that Myer ring me up on Monday morning. They didn't promise an early delivery, but "They try". Well that's optimism. I like optimism. When your stomach's disgesting dodgy food, optimism shines like a beacon of light.

I shudder when i walk along the streets. You don't notice how prevalent fast food is until you're eating it day in and day out. They're everywhere! Shove a fucking burger at me and i'll most likely smack you in the head with a large trout.

News of the broken fridge has spread like wildfire. My neighbours have been so kind to offer their esky (Australian slang for ice box). I could do with that. But that means buying several large packets of ice. And given how much i've been spending on food these few days, extra expenses can be done without.

I'm resigned to eating more takeaway tonight. Guess what i just had for lunch? Call in now at 1900-adrock2xander misses his fridge.

One Big Mac meal for the first 10 callers with the right answer.

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