Friday, April 7

To All Anonymous Posters

The Misfit

Of coz, you're always right Mr Anonymous.

You always are as you refuse to be represented.

So it's ok for Chris Rock to make fun of his black people but it's wrong for adrock2xander to mock his Asian people. You, my friend, are the uninspired one.

I may mock Asians, offend everyone and make fun of just about everything, but at least i've got the guts to reveal who i am. I have nothing to fear. Look where it's getting me? I'm overseas, having white pussy and cocks, having wonderful friends who actually speak English, and would not question my un-Asian behavior and mannerisms.

You my friend, are an insipid and tepid excuse of a childhood trauma who can't find your preferred genitalia even if you paid for it. I feel so sorry for you.

I really do enjoy getting all this publicity. More hits to my blog, and my stock rises. Keep posting anonymously.

I win again. I am the sexiest. Now go away, stop wasting my public space and go masturbate through a toilet roll.

adrock2xander 1 anonymous posters 0

gg no re k thx bai

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