Tuesday, April 18

Overheard On Gold 104.3FM

The Outrageous

When i'm not distracted by the social ills of daily life, you'll find me tuning in to Melbourne radio Gold FM. I love the classic hits. You know you're really old when they're playing Britney Spears' 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' on Gold FM. Oh the constant reminders of my sagging skin *laments*. Try as i might, but popular fodder with massive airplay just doesn't catch your attention no more.

However, i seriously question the intelligence of the listeners. I got up early today, fed Telly and sat in front of my laptop with a bowl of breakfast cereal, when i heard this call-in game conversation on radio:

Host: "What is the capital of Thailand?"
Listener (after a long pause): "Phuket."

Stupid Aussie redneck. To think he actually won $60.

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