Friday, April 7

Matt 'Giuseppe' Fitzpatrick

The Beautiful

What really goes on in Matt's head? Being surrounded by the best of Building 6's beauties must be a hectic job. How does he keep them all satisfied? Behind that surfer boy look must hide a secret or two. adrock2xander tries to decipher.

Last night was an absolute fiasco. I can't believe she tried to spike my drink. I thought all was going well. I really liked her. She isn't like most of the Building 6's girls. Mature, compose, intelligent and a non-spiker. That's what i like.

The alarm didn't work this morning. I hate to be a real jerk, but when i'm pressed for time nothing gets me off more than morning breath. It's a hot shower, a quick breakfast of onions and sour cream chips and off i go to uni.

That's what i don't get about the girls here. My breath absolutely reeks. Yet they still clamour for my attention. What do they see in me anyway? Perhaps their olfactory senses aren't working? Or is halitosis such a sexy thing?

I hate doing catch-up work in the computer lab. I'd rather be back home watching re-runs of Neighbours. Or Home and Away. I love cheesy soap that runs on for decades. It's 'Must See TV'.

Which reminds me. I've to make an appointment with Dr Julia. The steel implants in my tongue have to be replaced again. Nobody knows that the secret to my cunninlingus success are really the steel implants.

I hate having to rely on them. I really just am a boy next door, standing here in the doorway, looking for a girl to love him. What if they see through my facade? Will they still mob me in Building 6?

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