Sunday, April 2


The Outrageous

I am in danger of being completely overwhelmed by my university workload.

You see, i've been working day-in, day-out since Day 1 of the Commonwealth Games with nary a break. A 4 day hiatus between the Closing Ceremony and the Formula One Grand Prix Qualifying sessions hardly made up for what was 2 weeks of missed tutorials, late lectures, missing attendances and extensions of reading submissions. Egads! I believe this is a one-off, as the Commonwealth Games come every 60-odd years.

I'm absolutely relieved that the Grand Prix will come to conclusion this evening. It also means curtains for what has generally been an incredibly hectic 3.5 weeks. I am so far behind everyone it's probably best to repeat my semester!

If you run into me on campus, ask me about anything BUT uni work. I have absolutely no idea what's going on right now.

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