Thursday, April 27

The Fridge Hunt
Day One without a refridgerator at home

The Misfit

I headed out early this morning to hunt for an appropriate fridge.

Curiously enough, Myer had a massive one day sale that started at 8am. I wasn't in a rush to get there before it opened. If there's one thing Melburnians aren't used to, it's early morning shopping. Malls here open at 10am and close early - guess Melburnians like staying home. They'll probably pass out in Asia. No sane Asian mall would close at 6pm; it's so bloody competitive and there's always money to be made.

But i digress. I chuckled to myself upon entering Myer at 9am. Not only was my rationale right, Myer was quiet and completely deserted. I could have done cartwheels in there.

The electrical section sits on level 4. It didn't take me long to find a suitable cooler box. When you're a student and finances are limited, it isn't hard to spot a 3-digit priced fridge.

The fridge's cheap, and large enough to accomodate a large mountain goat. The catch was, the fridge wouldn't arrive till Wednesday.

That's 5 days without a proper cooling system.

This, btw is what's left of my fridge.

Remnants of margarine, bread, milk, Tim-Tams, mayonnaise, jam, chilli. Stuff that can actually survive several days without turning bad. Even a large plate of sausage rolls that we really didn't want to eat, but had to. Stuff sitting on the dining table with no where else to go. Such a sorry sight.

So guess what i had for dinner tonight? Freezer leftovers that didn't smell bad baked in the oven. Them bloody sausage rolls, some pies and several chicken schnitzels. Oh how my tummy growls for genuine food.

Takeaway and crappy food for 5 days. Gee i'm loving it already.

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