Wednesday, April 12

A Big Thank You...

The Beautiful all my friends and uni mates who voted for me to represent them in the second year. I must say, it has been a rather hair-raising few days of voting and publicity. Let's just hope our fervent campaigning didn't detract from the fact that it was not a popularity contest.

If this indeed, was a popularity contest, I have no doubt in my mind who the winner will be *winks*. Let's face it. Year 2005 was all about me. I am the sexiest. But this, is a Student Representative election. All of you voted with your hearts and hopefully, brains.

I'm glad that all of you are non-alcoholics. If free beer can't buy votes, then it takes only a sexy man like me to defeat that evil. That btw, was a masterstroke Ariel. If you ever do chance upon this blog, i've got to hand it to you. I actually thought of that, but didn't think free beer would be appropriate on a mass mailing list. There are some underaged folks out there. Then again...

Of course, i wish to thank all those who voted for me again. You know who you are. I know who you are. You came up to me and congratulated me. And the silent voters who've been my staunch allies in 2005. 2006 will not be the same. You'll have your everyday, garden variety superhero fighting and weeding out the evils from our program. Amazingly you bunch are the ones i don't hang out with so much. Now i know who my friends are lol.

I'll like to send out my love too, to all you dingbats who did not vote for me. It doesn't matter what the reason is. I know all of you love me. But apparently my position as the Student Representative wasn't important enough to you. You obviously do not hold me in high esteem. I am dis-heartened by your pitiful efforts. And to think i hang out with y'all all the time. Boo.


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