Sunday, April 30

Being Asian = A Reference?

The Misfit

It doesn't matter what i do to distinguish myself or how i dress, i am always referred to as 'the Asian guy'.

While Caucasians can get away with 'the bloke with the horn-rimmed glasses' or 'the tall one with a large nose', adrock2xander's always 'the Asian guy'.

I'd much prefer you to judge me for who i am and remember me for what i can do, not my racial extract.

Being Asian is a curse; i'll always be playing second fiddle to my Mongoloid appearance.

I'm sick of being looked at as 'yellow' and thought of as linguistic others or a cultural outsider. It saddens me that being bilingual, well-travelled and a better speaker/writer plays no part in a society that's still strangely myopic, monolithic and shallow.

Oh just you wait and see. This 'Asian guy' will explode and be the best Asian in his own right. Nobody can take it from him.

Btw, it's East Asian. What are you talking about when you say Asian? It stretches from the cold Bering Sea of Russia's East to the oil fields of Middle East. Get your racial profiling right.

Fuck Asian. Fuck dim-witted Caucasians. Fuck everyone.

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