Tuesday, March 21

Retail Complaint

The Misfit

Dearest Supervisor of MCG Retail outlet stall ##,

i hate it when you apologise to me when i'm trying to manouveur a carton of frozen chips and 4 large packets of processed hot dogs. The outlet is fucking swamped, we are undermanned, everything is in disarray, and your fat fucking arse, sagging boobs and swollen body is in my way. I can't get through.

Do not apologise to me when i say "Excuse me." It is not my fault that i can't get through. If you were slimmer like yesterday's supervisor, i would have cartwheeled through.

The chips need to be bucketed, the hotdogs need to be bagged, the coffees need to be made, and the customers are impatient. Seriously, lose some weight and you could perhaps do something useful instead of standing around acting all 'supervisory'.

Overworked and Underpaid

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