Friday, March 17

The Cell

The Misfit

In December 1999 adrock2xander was arrested by the police for *offence has been removed for private reasons*. In a Writing Media Text tutorial this week, he was instructed to write and detail an episode or incident that represents a change in his life. This is an excerpt from the episode.

A dark, musty smell resonated from the corner. Black and gray stains, visible from afar were splashed across the walls. It was oily. No attempts to cleain it was undertaken.

I sat on the ground and without flinching, rested my back against the wall. It felt good. My body needed it. But my mind was still swollen with thoughts of getting out.

I stared across the room. The taps sits next to the toilet bowl. The squating kind. I noticed the young man drinking water from the tap. A filthy, greenish-gold tap. I'm thirsty.

The air stank of sweat. Humidity was swolling us up. If only i could drink my pespiration. It's really hot.

Roland sat despondantly next to me. I didn't like one bit of him. Or his odor. Did someone spew on him? Why didn't they clean him up? I'm aghast. And it didn't help that he follows me around like a chia pet with human needs.

"Why are you following me?" I asked.

"You look like a good guy," he replied.

I was amazed, "I'm in here, am i not?"

"Still look like a good guy," he said.

I remained in there for 22 hours. The horrors that spoke to me within those walls, i'd never forget. The memories that cried foul to me since then, i'd always remember. I'll never forget my youth.

After 10 months of wheeling and dealing, numerous court adjournes and restricted movements within Singapore, adrock2xander is a free man. If you see him in uni, stop and buy him a coffee. If he's in a good mood and gets along well with you, he'll tell you what really happened.

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