Tuesday, January 3

Martina Hingis And The Asparagus Man

The Outrageous

Sometimes...it's the craziest antics of strangers that remind you that you're never too far from civilisation...

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By the tram stop in the city...this bloke was clad in a zany turqoise outfit and a hat with stalks of plants and flowers stickin out of his hat...i keep thinkin: "Asparagus...asparagus..."

The Beautiful

In more important news...tennis prodigy and the pin up girl for many a young man Martina Hingis has stepped out of a 3 years self-imposed exile and
back into the limelight...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

In a game that's dominated by sheer brute force and power and seen Russia takin over the female game...I was intrigued by Martina's return...before the Williams sisters...there was Martina's grace...anticipation and amazin shot positionin...time will tell if her return isnt a fall from grace...or is there a silver linin in there somewhere?

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